General Practice For Sale in Duluth GA

  1. Practice Type: General Practice
  2. Transition Type: 90 days
  3. State: GA        
  4. City/Region:  Duluth
  5. Number of employees: 2
  6. Employee position breakdown:  Front Desk, Asst
  7. Number of patients: 800
  8. Number of operatories: 3 with a 4th available
  9. Building for sale or lease: Lease
  10. Office/Building sq footage1800
  11. Annual Revenue: 425k
  12. General Description: Established General Practice steady production of 425k per yr.  Very profitable great location high traffic area.  The practice has no marketing in place still gaining 20 NP per month.  No Hygienist as doctor does all procedures.  Most oral surgery and endo referred out.   Proforma and after-tax cash flow available once NDA in place.  Contact:

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